A Left-Hander’s First Try Of Heavy Combat

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I got my first taste of Heavy Combat. It was brilliant, although my arms (especially my right arm) are hurting a lot right now. I borrowed most of the armour I wore from another Heavy Combat fighter (who has the same name as me, well in the SCA anyway) and it fit pretty well. It was actually quite nice to wear and was fairly easy to move around in. People kept on telling me that I looked good in the armour, which was nice to hear.

Then there was the fighting. It was interesting, because I was paired with a right-handed fighter who also fights right-handed and I’m left-handed. It was confusing and I got hit on the head quite a bit. But I also successfully defended myself quite a bit too. All in all I was pleased with my first attempt.

I would write more, but, well, ouch… I think the rest of today will be spent reading the Fighter’s Handbook and stretching my arms. And drinking tea. I’ll get into weights training tomorrow.

Until next time,

The Nocturnal Philosopher 🙂


~ by thenocturnalphilosopher on 21/05/2012.

4 Responses to “A Left-Hander’s First Try Of Heavy Combat”

  1. I don’t think the UK has anything like the SCA.

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