Conversations about Religion, the Higher and Psychic and Empathic abilities.

Yesterday night, I was having a conversation with some friends about religion and how it affects people, perspectives on the Higher and on Psychic and Empathic abilities. It was a very interesting and quite long conversation, but that’s okay with me because I very much enjoy Philosophical conversation and hearing different perspectives on things (but that’s pretty obvious huh… :))

The first part, about religion and how it affects people happened slightly earlier than the rest of the conversation, with one of the friends mentioned above. K made the point that religion can be helpful for those who need something to guide them, who would feel lost without something to show them how to live a good life. I do agree with that point but I also raised the point that there are lots of people who would be able to think for themselves and figure out for themselves how to lead a good life and what to believe, following religions all around the world. In that case, religion is holding them back, rather than helping them. We came to the conclusion that rather than enlightening people, religion restricts them.

Later on (about an hour later), K, N and I were talking about perspectives on the Higher and Psychic and Empathic abilities. Although I won’t extensively recount the entire conversation, I will list the main points made (as I did above). One of the points made by K and N, was that we cannot prove that God exists, but we also cannot prove that God doesn’t exist. However, what is real for one person may not necessarily be what is real for someone else. You all know what my opinion on the existence or non-existence of God is (if you’re a new reader, have a read of my four-part post(s)), but I wasn’t sure if K and N did, so I told them my perspective. They weren’t sure about my view of energy healing, but they said that since they weren’t there at the time, I knew best in that situation.

This led into us discussing these energies and people’s perspectives of them. My perspective here is that people in religions associate their God(s)/Goddess(es) with these energies, associate prayer with ‘calling on’ these energies and associate the law of attraction with these God(s)/Goddess(es) giving them things/doing things (now that I think about it, I realise that I didn’t actually mention the last one. Oh well, I’m mentioning it now). The reason I think that people are able to heal people by calling on their God(s)/Goddess(es), is because that is their perception of the event: they see these energies as God(s)/Goddess(es) that are doing things and healing people through prayer. If they can understand how the law of attraction works, even from a religious perspective, then they will be able to work with these energies. And this fits in with the previous observation that what may be real for one person may not necessarily be what is real for someone else. It’s always nice when these things fit well together 🙂

From perspectives of the Higher, we moved onto talking about Psychic and Empathic abilities. We started off with the Empathic abilities and K and I both noted that we would often be able to feel the emotional state of the people around us or be able to walk into a room and get a feeling of what the atmosphere is like. In terms of Psychic abilities, there have been times when I got the feeling that something was going to happen, whether I was able to name it (at one point walking to a roda, I got the feeling that I was going to get kicked in the head. About 10-15 minutes before it ended, I took a heel to the head and had to be driven home), or whether it was just a bad feeling (year 6. Enough said. Except I wasn’t aware of such abilities at that point and thought I was just nervous because I had to find new friends. Oh how wrong I was…) N called it spatial awareness, but K and I thought it was more like energy awareness. We could see where he was coming from though. He saw it as being aware of your surroundings, which is true, but it didn’t seem quite the right title for it. Of course, I told him to call it whatever seemed right to him and whatever explained it the best in his mind. He ended up calling it spatial energy awareness. Which I think describes it quite well. And though I didn’t mention this last night, for people’s energy and feelings, I reckon the term emotional energy awareness (or just emotional awareness) works if you’re looking to explain Empathic abilities to someone. We could come up with some for Psychic abilities, but there are so many different areas that one or two descriptions wouldn’t be enough. Besides which, they tend to be more well-known than Empathic abilities as far as I know.

Until next time,

The Nocturnal Philosopher 🙂

(As a side note, I have checked out my natal chart and I have quite a few planets in water. I expect that probably explains the Empathic abilities, but I’ll be doing a brief post on Astrology in relation to that, maybe in the next week or two :)).


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2 Responses to “Conversations about Religion, the Higher and Psychic and Empathic abilities.”

  1. I see religion, and philosophy, as useful guidebooks, knowledge we convert into practical wisdom in our lives. Those that intellectualise, will only follow those philosophies/religions dogmatically, literally, with no understanding of what they are following, since they live it through their heads, not by practical experiential doing.

    Gods/Goddesses I see as intelligent patterns shared by all humanity, archetypes.

  2. I agree, I don’t like to take on a belief unless I understand it, can be sure it is true and am willing to put it into practise. Sometimes I will come across a belief that I understand, but am unsure of it’s truth or practical use. in that case I like to experiment with the belief and put it into practise to see whether it works for me or not. If so then great! If not then I discard it.

    I also agree with your statement about Gods/Goddesses 🙂

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