Is God real or was ‘it all started with The Big Bang’? Part 1

When I was a kid, I would often have these kinds of ‘conversations’ with myself, thoughts going back and forth with different perspectives in my head.

The thing I thought about most was whether the world was real or whether it was just all in the mind of someone ‘up there.’ I was never really sure. All the tangible things around me could be non-existent. I could be non-existent. All the people in my life could be non-existent. The world could be non-existent.

Just a dream. Nothing more.

The thought of that terrified me.

If all of this was just in the mind of someone ‘up there,’ then it was only fitting to believe that that someone was a horrible person who enjoyed seeing people suffer. Enjoyed seeing me suffer.

With thoughts like those at the age of 7, you have to wonder why I was still going to church. Not that I would have had an option of course…

Somewhere along the line though, as I got older, I stopped thinking like that and adopted a much more Christian mindset. Went to church every Sunday and fully meant all the words I sang in the songs in church.

Looking back on that now, I wish I had expanded those thoughts instead of abandoning them.

Much more recently (like just before NYE last year), I was thinking about the two main theories as to how the universe came to be: Creation and The Big Bang. Here is an excerpt from a message I sent a friend of mine basically detailing all the thoughts that had come to mind:

“Okay, so Creationists believe that God created the universe and then there are the people who believe that the Big Bang was what set the Universe going (and others too, but they are the main ones).

We’re told that God just was, but surely he must have been created somehow, heaven and hell would have been created too and so somehow this doesn’t seem like the complete picture. But on the other hand, from the way I’ve heard people describe it, the Big Bang is basically a case of there was nothing and then it exploded. But nothing can’t explode and become something because in order to explode there has to be something there so it must have been created before then. So the question is, how was it created? By God? Who surely must have been created in some way shape or form by something? So technically then the world isn’t real and it’s all just a dream. Of who? The God which mysteriously exists with no clues as to how he began? So technically then we shouldn’t exist.

My mind is blown.

Because we do exist but what I’ve said so far shows that all must have been created somehow but there couldn’t have been anything before that to create it all because that would have needed to be created somehow too.”

(I forgot to mention the other side to The Big Bang, where there were tiny particles of matter that expanded in that… :/ Recently I was informed that String Theory makes The Big Bang possible. I can’t clarify that though because I don’t have an understanding of the science behind it).

If what I’ve written about God is true, then my 7 year old self had no reason to worry that there was a higher being who enjoyed seeing her suffer.

But also, if what I have written is true, then what should I believe?

Even if The Big Bang theory is true, I don’t know if I could fully follow it since, as I said, I don’t understand the science behind it.

However, there are so many energy forms spoken about and shown these days (and no, in this case I’m not talking about electricity). Do they fit into science? If so, great! If not, then something doesn’t quite match up. Stuff like super-natural healing for example. I have experienced this before. At one point when I was younger, I sprained my ankle and before it was healed, it hurt so much. It was fine afterwards. Question is though, was that God? Or was that a type of Universal energy?

I’ll continue this in part 2. It has the potential to get quite long 😉

Until next time,

The Nocturnal Philosopher 🙂


~ by thenocturnalphilosopher on 23/04/2012.

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