“Whatever’s Meant To Be Will Work Out Perfectly”

Hello again!

To begin today’s post, I’d like to ask you a question. Not a deep and meaningful question, just a yes or no.

Have you heard the song “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne?

The last line of the bridge says “whatever’s meant to be will work out perfectly.”

It’s something that I believe is true.

When I was younger, I didn’t have much luck with the whole making friends thing. That eventually worked against me and I ended up leaving the Primary School I was at. I never thought I’d ever go back out to school again, but it turned out that Homeschooling was not for me (although I did enjoy being able to sleep in in the morning rather than waking up at 7am ;)). I went back out to school for the last term of year 7 after about a year of being Homeschooled. And to my amazement, making friends ended up being so much easier at this new school than it had at my old school in all the years I’d been there. At the time I thought that perhaps I’d just gotten lucky, but looking back on my life since then, I’ve come to realise that if that hadn’t happened then I wouldn’t be where I am today. My life would have taken a completely different path (for starters, I wouldn’t be writing this now). That path wasn’t meant to be however. But if it was, then I believe that things there would have worked out. The path my life has followed clearly is the way it was meant to go.

Besides, if my life hadn’t gone in the direction that it did, then there would be so many amazing people that I would have never met and so many things that I would never have done.

I used to get so angry about things that people had said and done to me and all I could see was the immediate consequences of their actions. I had no idea that the hell I was going through would put me on a better path. I still feel angry about it sometimes (okay, probably more like a lot) but I can now also see the long term consequences of those people’s actions. Some weren’t so great, others made me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

For example: after the year from hell that was year 6, I didn’t trust anyone with anything of great importance to me for about three years. Then I thought, that perhaps it was time to try to trust people again. It didn’t go well. Several months down the track I met someone who my intuition said was completely trustworthy. Of course, given my previous experiences with trusting people, I wasn’t sure whether I was willing to take that risk. So I ran some trust tests and eventually decided it was okay to talk about anything and everything. I’m so glad I did πŸ™‚

Now I’m going to give an example that isn’t directly related to myself, but is still relevant (this may be a blog of my thoughts, but that doesn’t mean I have to only write about myself ;)).

I have a friend called Karen, who makes amazing crystal jewellery and when she holds online markets on her facebook business page, pieces get sold very quickly. We all love her work, but only one person can end up being the owner of a piece. The rest of us, while disappointed, congratulate the person who said sold first and then keep an eye out for other pieces. We can do this because we understand that if it were meant to be ours, we would have been able to get there quicker.

It’s like in Harry Potter. The wand chooses the wizard. Not the other way round. Likewise here. It may sound strange to some of you, but like the wands in Harry Potter, the pieces of jewellery she makes ‘choose’ their new owners. Ask anyone who has bought one and chances are they will say that they felt the piece ‘calling out to them’. In fact, at the moment, I am wearing the first necklace I ever bought from her. And it was calling out to me.

When I first saw it, the online market that was on that day had only been going for an hour or so at that point. When I saw it I instantly got the feeling that it was meant to be mine. I didn’t have the money though and so I commented saying that although I loved it, I couldn’t afford it at that time. About twenty minutes later I showed it to my parents telling them that I loved it, but couldn’t afford it. That very quickly lead to the suggestion of it being for my birthday and although she didn’t like to do lay-bys, Karen agreed that if no one else claimed it by the end of the day, then she would let me pay that way. Given that there was still about six hours to go before the end of the market, I thought for sure that someone would step in and say sold. But no one did.

So on my 18th birthday I received the amazing Boulder Opal necklace I saw that day and it is still my favourite piece to this day.

It was meant to be.

(If you are interested, here is a link to Karen’s website: Lunaozi Dreams, where you can see her creations and then make your way to the facebook page if you like what you see. She makes such beautiful creations :)).

What do you think? Do you agree with the phrase “Whatever’s meant to be will work out perfectly?” If so, why? And if not, why not? You don’t have to give Β long examples like I have if you don’t want to, a short reply is okay πŸ™‚

Until next time,

The Nocturnal Philosopher πŸ™‚

*Please note that Karen no longer does Lay-bys*


~ by thenocturnalphilosopher on 16/04/2012.

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