Friday The 13th And Other Superstitions.

Hello again!

At this moment in time it is 13/04/12. And a Friday (and if it isn’t at present in your timezone, then it soon will be).

Cue the facebook statuses.

It’s interesting how afraid so many people seem to be of the number 13. In many (if not all, I don’t know for sure since I don’t travel enough to know :() hotels, there is no room 13. It is said that when 13 dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die. It is also said that more accidents happen on the roads on Friday the 13th than any other day of the year.

But while we are talking about Superstitions, let me tell you about a couple I have.

I have participated in theatre since I was 5 and something that we theatre people don’t do is say Macbeth in the theatre. It’s because apparently the play is cursed, although there are several different reasons for it floating around. It is said that saying Macbeth in the theatre causes bad things to happen in the theatre and to the cast and crew.

Now I don’t generally believe in these well known superstitions, but I do keep this one in mind. Last year my year 12 class performed our play in a professional theatre for moderation. At one point the Stage Manager and the Costume Designer were walking down the stairs and one of them said Macbeth. They both got splinters at the same time and the lights flickered as soon as it was said. One of the Tech guys said Macbeth and not long afterwards one of the stage lights needed fixing. At one point I got frustrated by the fact that I pretty much constantly had a cold backstage/onstage (I was playing the part of a 10 year old girl who is at the beach for a lot of the play, so I was almost always in a t-shirt and shorts. And it gets pretty cold backstage…), which makes it more difficult to make your voice able to be heard loud and clear in the back row and let the word slip out. One of my props (a blue beachball) vanished from the theatre. I knew where it was before the final performance and when it came time for me to get it a couple of scenes before I needed to be onstage, I couldn’t find it. Several of us looked all over the backstage area quickly and couldn’t find it. And it was the performance where we were being moderated. I had to go onstage without it and improvise.

Another one we have in theatre is that it is bad luck to wish someone good luck before they go on stage. Sound weird? Perhaps, but it is said that bad luck can be avoided by wishing each other bad luck. Hence why we say ‘break a leg.’ We cancel out the bad luck by saying that. So in other words, by saying ‘break a leg’ the actor/actress it is being said to won’t break a leg. Here in Australia (as far as I know it’s only in Australia, let me know if I’m wrong) we often say chookas! instead (If only someone had told me to still have a cold + symptoms during the performances ;)).

So, given that today is a very superstitious (see what I did there? ;)) day for a lot of people, what are some superstitions you keep in mind and why? Or, if you don’t, then share the reasons why.

The Nocturnal Philosopher 🙂


~ by thenocturnalphilosopher on 13/04/2012.

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